Hey I'm Dylan.

You can check my work below and contact me, Ill get back to you as soon as possible.


Listed below is just a few of the things I have worked on.

Droid Jack Site

Navex Logo

Audio Visualisation

BM24HS Site

iCare Phone Repair Site

iTools Site

About Me

Im Dylan, a Web Developer, Designer, Reverse Engineer and Runtime Modifer from Australia primarily my experience lies within front end Web Development however I have experience in the backend too. Lately I've been researching Security Research in the field of iOS, currently this just involves reverse engineering an apps code and patching features/functions however I hope to advance onto kernel patches in the future.


Clicking the button below will open your default email client or site (on iOS it will open the Mail app) with my contact email already filled in, shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I recieve it

Jailbreak Packages

Paid packages for Jailbroken iDevices, my free pakcages are available here.

Remote Messages Client

Coming Soon!

Mickey Mouse Watch Face for iOS

Coming Soon!

Animated iOS Wallpapers

Coming Soon!